Canker sore relief

Did you experience having canker sores inside your mouth? They can be similar in size to a quarter; however, they are commonly the same size of a corn kernel. Canker sores in the mouth can become very painful if a person will eat foods which are hard, crunchy, salty and acidic.

Actually, the causes of canker sores are still unknown.  Since the interiors of the mouth are delicate, mouth wounds like biting the inside of the lip or hard brushing of the teeth can give rise to canker sores. Most of the canker sores in the mouth will heal by itself after several days to a few weeks. But you have to be careful with what you are eating if you have canker sores because foods which are both spicy and acidic will only cause extreme pain to the open wounds.

It would be best to see a doctor or dentist, when the sores will keep on coming back, or no improvement is seen after several weeks or if you have no appetite for eating because you feel sick.

Several canker sores in the mouth will start with a sensation that is sharp burning or stinging at the area that will soon be affected with mouth ulcer. The oral ulcer will be seen in oval shape, in white or yellow color with a red border that is inflamed. In several cases, the ulcer will make other areas of the mouth or tongue to be a little inflamed with presence of red bump patches. These can be pretty rough to the tongue. Some of the reasons that can trigger their appearance are ill health, injury because unintentional biting, exhaustion and anxiety. Other reasons include vitamin B12, iron and folic acid deficiencies, menstruation, rapid weight loss, food allergies and hormonal changes. Approximately twenty percent of the population has canker sores at some point in their lives.  In some patients, their susceptibility to frequent outbreaks of the sores is inherited according to genetic studies. This provides a partial explanation as to why some family member will usually share this kind of condition.

I am aware of what you feel about your canker sores.  They can be extremely irritating and uncomfortable once they are located inside your mouth.  But you do not have to worry so much. Just make sure that they are not infectious.  Basically, there is no cure for canker sore and they usually do not last for a long time. The only thing that you can do is to reduce the rate of their re occurrence and to decrease the canker sore symptoms. Hence, it is only a matter of time that there is relief from canker sore. Although, there are some methods for the relief of canker sore pain, they will all depend on the type and severity of canker sore.

Method which can be applied at home – There are lots of treatments which can be used for the relief of canker sores and can be done at home. These include:

Hydrogen peroxide solution – Combine water with 1 part of hydrogen peroxide. This will act as an antiseptic and will be helpful in reducing the amount of bacteria.  To apply the solution directly on the sore, use a cotton swab but make sure not to swallow the solution.

Sodium bicarbonate and saltwater solution – Get one teaspoon of salt and combine it with a cup of hot water. Then use it to rinse your mouth for about thirty seconds and spit it out after. You can also make a paste by mixing one half teaspoon of baking soda with water. When done, you can already apply the paste on the sore. Use the paste as often as necessary in order to achieve relief from the canker sore pain. This will also provide quick healing for the canker sore.

Milk of Magnesia – This is best used after application of hydrogen peroxide solution in the sore. Milk of Magnesia is just the liquid suspension of magnesium hydroxide. This can be applied directly on the sore. Use a cotton swab for the application so that the pain is reduced and the sore will heal quickly.

Liquid Antihistamine – Combine 1 part of milk of magnesia to 1 part of diphenhydramine or Betadine at the same time. After that, put the solution inside your mouth and then swish it for one minute. Make sure to spit it out completely and do not attempt to swallow the solution. This can be effective in giving relief to the pain caused by canker sore.


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