Sore Mouth and its Causes and Treatment Options

Whenever you have a sore mouth that is inflamed and causing you great discomfort while eating or speaking then you are known to have what in medical terms is known as stomatitis. The fact is that it can occur anywhere in the mouth and therefore can greatly disrupt your routine activities. This means that the sore can be found on the tongue, lips, gums of teeth, deep inside of the cheeks and palate. There are different types of stomatitis and these are mainly canker sores and cold sores, the former which is a pale yellow ulcer occurring singly or widely inside the mouth, lips, cheeks or tongue. In the case of cold sores these are sores filled with fluid and mainly occur around the lips.

There are several ways that a sore can occur and this may be due to simple reason like biting your lip or tongue or wearing any dental apparatus or due to a broken tooth. You may also get sores due to chewing of tobacco or burning your mouth with hot food and drinks. But the more serious ones are those that occur when you have gum disease due to infection or due to the medications you may be taking for some other illness. If you had received any treatment like powerful drugs or radiation for cancer then you may also develop sore mouth.

Symptoms of sores of the mouth

You may have two types of sore mouth and if it is the canker sores then it can be quite painful and may last for around ten days and have the tendency to return back. In the case of cold sores too these are painful yet they disappear after a week or so and at the most ten days. You may have symptoms of flu or cold and you may also have fever. While canker sores occur due to some inexplicable reasons too they are also generally seen when you have trauma, certain treatment and medications as well as poor nutrition in the diet. They are seen when the person has a low level of vitamin B12 or folic acid in the system. They are not at all contagious and hence you only need into a good diet and proper feeding habits.

In the case of cold sores these are usually caused by virus which in medical term is known as herpes simplex type 1 virus. These are quite contagious and the person must not have any contact with other people and it takes time for the sores to heal properly. They may also remain in dormant form and again reappear when the conditions are favorable. The sore mouth may surface again and may even spread to other parts of the body.


You may not need any treatment for mild sore mouth as it tends to go away after a week or two. If it lingers on then you need to go and see your doctor. Usually the treatment for sore mouth is medication so that the patient gets comfort and relief from the symptoms.


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