What causes sore mouth?

About the sore mouth

Also known as the mouth ulcer, sore mouth can be defined as the open lesion or sore in the mouth. It is a break in the mucous membrane or in the skin with the loss of the surface tissue, necrosis of the epithelial tissue and the disintegration.

There are many reasons for the sore mouth, which can range from the common reasons to the dangerous ones.

Causes of the sore mouth or mouth ulcer

1. The most common cause of the sore mouth is the general carelessness about the proper mouth care. For this, you should always keep the mouth clean as it is possible. For this reason, you should always brush your teeth after every meal. You should not allow the particles of the food to remain between the teeth for any space of time. This is because the bacteria get the time to cause decay. Everyone should use the ordinary tooth-brush as it is not expensive.

Also, you should be careful about what you are putting in your mouth. The things like the coins, fingers, blades of grass, pencils, uncooked leafy salads, unwashed fruits and other things which you are putting in your mouth can take the infections in the mouth. These infections grow very well in the  moisture and warmth of the mouth. Also, do not drink from any public drinking cup. Unless the seller has the adequate means of the sterilizing , you should not drinks from the cups which are used for serving drinks in the public places.

2. The other reason of the soreness of the mouths can be due to the other reasons like the scarlet fever, diabetes, anemia, diphtheria and measles. It can be also due to the lack of one or more than one vitamins in the body. If your mouth is sore for a long time, you will have to take the large multi-vitamin doses. If the condition of the sore mouth improves, you can be sure that the cause of the sore mouth was the vitamin deficiency.

3. One of common causes of the sore mouth is the infections. For e.g., vincent’s angina can be defined as the severe mouth infection which is accompanied by the fever and caused due to the germ which is known as a spirochrete. One of the best remedy is the penicillin.

4. One of the most common causes of the sore mouth is the monilia. It is a type of the fungus growth in the mouth. This disease is commonly seen in the babies. You can see the white raised patches in the mouth. The treatment for this disease includes the painting of the lesions with the 1 percent aqueous solution of the gentian violet.

These are some of the common causes and the remedies of the sore mouth. We trust that you will get enough information about the sore mouth and you can use it in your life to make it better.


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